Aerghast name and seed(testpost)

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Aerghast name and seed(testpost)

Post by Conznes on Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:33 pm


Welcome, players, to Aerghast. !Name: on the first day of testing the server, Lizard455 performed a witchery ritual that spawned this:
A ghast with an aerwhale hat An Aerwhaleghast. The rest is obvious Wink shortened a bit, the name was born.

The seed features starting on a mountain - rich in emeralds - with a steep drop down to waters that are rich in clay and sand - if you dare make your way down the cliffs, and can get back up Wink . Near the Mountains is a Dense Forest and a beautiful stretch of Plains. On the other side, a short distance over the water, stunning cliffs clad in Rainforest rise from the ocean. (This was the first random seed on the server w BoP enabled Very Happy )


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