Welcome to the server! (please read)

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Welcome to the server! (please read)

Post by Conznes on Fri Feb 26, 2016 12:27 am

Welcome, players, to Aerghast. !Name: on the first day of testing the server, Lizard455 performed a witchery ritual that spawned this:
A ghast with an aerwhale hat An Aerwhaleghast. The rest is obvious Wink shortened a bit, the name was born.

The seed features starting on a mountain - rich in emeralds - with a steep drop down to waters that are rich in clay and sand - if you dare make your way down the cliffs, and can get back up Wink . Near the mountains is a Dense Forest and a beautiful stretch of Plains. On the other side, a short distance over the water, stunning cliffs clad in Rainforest rise from the ocean. (This was the first random seed on the server w BoP enabled Very Happy )

Server members: Conznes, Lizard455, EnderFedora, motomaster770, comforief, silentninja100 and UltraX(friend of lizard)

The idea for this server is to play Infinity Evolved Expert Mode together from the start, working together with one base at least into early midgame. After that, some or all might choose to build seperate bases, or stay together in one base or village, but the environment will still hopefully be one of co-op, so even if we build seperate bases we will still work together on common projects, have shared builds, and share and exchange resources.

Please comment with any ideas, proposed plans and changes to plan, and feedback you may have Smile.

The server is whitelisted, only invited players can join. The world is all ours Smile. If there is someone you would like to include that isn't on the list, just speak up.

I hope we will all be able to be on together the first day we start playing, and start building the base together. I will be making another topic for that - please post there when you are able to play. I suggest it be sometime this weekend, 27-28th of february.

The server is paid for by me, Conznes, and our host is BisectHosting.

Also, EnderFedora has set up an IRC channel for us: irc://irc.foonetic.net/endersaerwhalechannel


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